Cross-Platform, Cross-Application Client Configuration


ConfiGuru is a set of standalone cross-platform configuration tools and libraries for client applications. Each tool provides one interface to settings of all supported applications in its targeted catergory. Mail ConfiGuru, for example, will configure email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, KMail and more. ConfiGuru is developed using C++.
Targeted platforms are POSIX compliant (GNU/Linux,Unix,BSD) and Win32 (Windows) operating systems.


ConfiGuru is free/open source software released under the GPL version 2 or above.


Mail ConfiGuru (mailcfguru)
Mail ConfiGuru is a standalone cross-platform tool and library that displays the configuration of email clients available to the currently logged-in user. It provides one interface to settings of all supported email clients.
Currently supported applications include Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail (SeaMonkey), MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express, KMail and Ximian Evolution


ConfiGuru and its individual tools and modules will be available for download from the downloads section.

Mail ConfiGuru 0.1
Source Code Posix (Linux/BSD/Unix) Download
Win32 (Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP) Download
Binary (Executable) Win32 (Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP) Download


The latest development source code is available in CVS here.


Soyapi Mumba (soyapim a t yahoo d o t  com)